I took illustration at the Manchester Metropolitan University, where I did animation as well as some experimental work involving film, sculpture, and painting. After university I moved to Nottingham where I started working with abstract paintings. During this time, I regularly exhibited at Byard Lane Gallery.

By the time I moved to Brighton I was developing my own style of abstract art. It was soon after I began to meditate on a regular basis. This had a profound effect on my approach to art. I realised then that the art had to have some deeper meaning.

I continually developed my work to add meaning. I try for the paintings to be beautiful and simple. The colours give a hint of emotions but there is more to that. In the images there is no narrative because narrative involves our thoughts. These paintings are not just for our thoughts but rather a place beyond them. When we contemplate in quiet, we feel at one with ourselves.

To achieve this oneness, I treat the painting process as another form of meditation. When I paint I try to achieve a state of flow. Where it feels as if the painting is painting itself.

Currently I am one of the artist that regularly exhibit at the Ming Art Gallery in Brighton.